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I must say I am disappointed. Three week ago I spent almost $1000 on a memory foam king size bed.

They brought it dropped it off, and all seemed fine. After about 30 minutes after drop off I noticed that the mattress had developed a bump in it on one corner. Obviously there was some kind of defect in the mattress and the stitching had come lose just from moving the mattress and one of the foam layers rolled up. Since I had a 5 year warranty on the mattress I called homemakers immediately and requested a swap.

The request was granted, BUT I was going to have to wait a whole week before the swap could take place. Now mind you they did have it in stock. AND I live 5 minutes from there store. And it would take about 10 minutes to swap it off there truck.

I feel like that is TOTALLY unacceptable! Since Home Makers is the biggest furniture store in Des Moines you would think they would have their act together better than that. As much furniture as they sell, they know that some of it is going to be defective or there are going to be some kind of problems. They SHOULD have a set of delivery guys that do nothing BUT swaps and replacements.

I am a business owner and if I treated my customers like that I would not be in business very long. For as big as they are in the Des Moines area there is simply no excuse for the wait times that customers have to endure. There competition in the area may be smaller but they take care of their customer’s right on the spot. Now I recently went thought a divorce and am in need of replacing some furniture items in my home.

I ordered the bed first, to test the waters with homemakers and also since I had not made up my mind on other items yet. I have to say I am not impressed. And I don’t think I will be ordering any of the replacement furniture from them. I am simply not willing to wait three weeks or more for delivery when spending a $1000 or more for items.

There competition (for comparable or same items) would have it delivered within 48 hours. As big as homemakers is in Des Moines there is no excuse for not having a fleet of delivery trucks and personnel big enough to meet the demand. They may be the biggest right now. But that could all change with business practices like this, just to save a few bucks at the cost of their customer’s time and money.

So I am finding it hard to give them a good review! Simply because of their delivery practices! And from what I can see from other reviews other have had the same problem. You would think they would correct the problem!

Obviously Not! Since I see the problem goes way back.

So no I would not recommend them! And I will be spending my money else ware for replacement items and with people who value there customers more than they do.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. techguy2015 stated that there is a room for improvement of replacment of instock mattress. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of memory foam mattress. Homemakers Furniture needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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